9 Strange Things Our Organism Does For Our Protection

Our body is a complicated system of biological cycles and processes, which are not always simple for understanding. And the protection mechanisms are one of them. They help us 24 hours a day and protect from the things that can potentially do us harm.

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The main goal of yawing is to cool down your brain, take off tiredness and nervous strain, and to refresh the air in your lungs.



Usually we sneeze when there are too many allergens, microbes and dust accumulated in our nose. Sneezing, our organism tries to get rid of the accumulated “trash”.



We instinctively stretch in the mornings in order to prepare our body to the daily loads. At the same time, stretching provides our muscles with tonus, improves blood-circulation and simply cheers up.



When we eat very fast, swallowing big pieces of food, a bigger quantity of air penetrates into the stomach. Our organism is reflexively trying to get rid of it, sending the excess air out with help of hiccup.

Sudden fall in one’s sleep


Do you remember that feeling when you start falling asleep and you are as though pulled out from your sleep? All your muscles strain suddenly, you feel like falling, but you wake up instantly. The thing is that when your body dives into sleep, the breathing slows down when the pulse frequency lowers insignificantly. In this moment, brain thinks that the man is dying, so it gives the organism a command to urgently go out of nap.

Finger wrinkles


Not so long ago the scientists have managed to determine the cause of finger wrinkles appearance after taking a bath. We got this peculiarity from our ancestors. The thing is it was easier to swarm up the wet rocks.

Memory loss


The memory loss usually appears after very hard dramatic events in one’s life, which our mind cannot handle. Our brain intentionally erases the most traumatic memories to protect us.



When we suddenly get cold, our organism is trying to keep the warm layer of air on the skin surface by means of raising up hairs. Such occurrence is called goose-flesh.



As well as helping to send out the non-indigenous objects, such as dust, tears also serve as a mechanism for “emotional protection”. The scientists affirm that in the moments of strong inner turmoil, our body creates a new strong source of irritation to distract us from the pain we experience at the moment.

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