Apply Magic Sause: New Service To Track Your Online-Life

None of our actions on the web goes unnoticed. Especially it regards social networks where we spend the majority of our online lifetime. Likes, shares, posts, requests – all of these actions are able to tell a lot about us and our personalities. And a special app called Apply Magic Sauce and designed especially for Facebook can prove it right away!

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A new service called Apply Magic Sauce, developed at Cambridge University, has been recently introduced to the world. Its functionality is described as to being able to create people’s psychological portraits. The special algorithm was developed by means of posts and likes on Facebook.

To check the service, go to its main page and click on Predict My Profile. On the following page choose your Facebook profile and give a permission to access your “likes history” in the social network.


1After a little bit of waiting, you’ll get a page with your psycho-sociological portrait. There you’ll find an information about your intellect, your main features of character, sexual preferences, political and religious views, and so on. In general, you will get the complete story about yourself based on the entire history of your Facebook activities.

2An apparent advantage of Apply Magic Sauce service is that it doesn’t only return results, but it also explains what exactly they are based on. So under each characteristic, you can see a list of likes that had an impact on it.

Of course, the analysis results are not always exact and you can apply to them as you wish. But there is one thing that remains 100% unchangeable – none of are actions in the web remains unnoticed.

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