Champions League: Latest News

The most prestigious European football club tournament, held under the auspices of UEFA, gives joy and unforgettable experience to big football fans every year.

Let’s see what events have taken place recently in the «Haute Football World»!


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In England the football coach gets caught red-handed betting against his own team

The Football Association of England suspended Nick Banyard, the head coach of the “Frome Town” club, the seventh strongest country’s division, because of the bets that he had made against his own team.

The Association Committee found out that in the period from September 2014 to April 2016 Banierd had made 45 bets against “Frome Town” as well as against his former team, “Poulton Rovers.”


According to current rules, any member of the soccer game, including the coach, has no right to make bets on the game anywhere in the world. Banierd has violated this rule.

The coach must also pay a fine of three thousand pounds.

The three candidates for the title of the Player of the Year by FIFA became known to the public

The main candidate to get the next individual award, Cristiano Ronaldo, really conquered the hearts of the entire Europe last season. His achievements include completing the two major tournaments of the year, the Champions League and European Championship, with a victory within two months!


Another contender for the prize is a Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, who became the top scorer of the last season at Atletico Madrid. Last season 25-year-old Antoine became famous for scoring 29 goals for Atletico as well as six goals in seven games at the European Championship. In the current season, Antoine has scored 6 goals in the Spain Championship and three goals in the Champions League.

The third candidate is Lionello Messi. In 2016 he scored 55th goals and 32 times assisted his fellow-players in scoring.

Zidane’s son scored a goal after 18 minutes after his debut for “Real Madrid”

This was debut appearance was for the 21-year-old midfielder Enzo Zidane’s in the first team of Real Madrid. He didn’t make the fans wait long for his first goal for the Royal Club. Enzo scored the fourth goal in “Cultural” within only 18 minutes after his appearance on the field.

This pleased not only “Real” fans but also personal fans of his legendary father.


Diego Perotti scored the best goal of the year in the European League

Roma midfielder Diego Perotti scored a very neat goal into the gates of Viktoria Plzen in the match of the 5th round of the group stage.

This fantastic goal will definitely qualify for at least the best goal of the tournament.

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Footballer of Croatia became the world record holder for the largest number of hat-tricks

Croatian striker of the regional league Stepan Lutsiyanich of “Drachitse” became the world champion in the number of hat-tricks. His team won 10:0 in the game with the “Zrinski, and the striker scored three goals in the fifth game in a row.

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