Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas: New Year 2017 Main Trends

Do you ever wonder where the whim of fashion will take you? In anticipation of the holidays we offer you to check out the brightest and most up-to-date trends of Christmas decorations and Christmas tree design concepts.

What will they be like?

So, the main New Year’s home decor trends in 2017 are naturalness, eco-consciousness, romanticizing the past and rustic simplicity. Let’s look at these trends on the example of the Christmas tree!


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Designers unanimously recommend using the standards of eco style as well as rustic and country style and make sure that you use natural materials as much as possible. The upcoming year is the year of a red rooster according to the eastern calendar, so you will need to use fiery colors and hand-made Christmas decorations with rustic motifs to decorate your Christmas tree.

While Christmas 2016 color trends were quite bright, in the upcoming year we can do with calmer shades.



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Unlike the previous year’s version, this year’s Christmas tree will be minimalistic in terms of colors, without flashy shades, very tender and really wintery.

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Minimalistic futurism with metallic shades, sparkling

Imitation splinters, metallic leaves looking as if frozen at the foot of the tree – all kinds of reference to the winter. Metal texture, shine – everything that is trendy in the fashion industry now can be used in home décor as well.

Sparkling and shining are also in trend this season. You can achieve this effect will help of metallic design elements where your Christmas lights will be reflected.

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Nostalgic 90’s and vintage

Feeling nostalgic and return to the 90’s is another major trend in decor. Today, we are returning to vintage things – the things reminiscent of the past, stylish things with a soul…

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Upcyling or giving your old stuff a new life plays an important role in the modern design. You can come up with something extraordinary with your kids – they will love it!

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Upcycle 3

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Upcycle 4

2017 Christmas tree decorations ideas:

  • plastic bottles. Plastic is a practical and easy-to-use material for candlesticks, garland elements, small figurines to decorate the Christmas tree;
  • textiles. The fabric flows beautifully along the Christmas tree’s silhouette. You can also sew stuffed toys from soft fabric;
  • jewelry. Who said that your beads and earrings could not be used as Christmas decorations?
  • cones – you could dye them in bright or white color, sprinkle with sequins or artificial snow – and use as Christmas tree decorations!










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