Is This The End Of Nigeria’s Economic Problems?

It’s no secret than the Nigerian economy is currently in deep recession, and while there are many reasons that led to the woeful state of the economy, there are currently not too many ways out of the situation. However, President Buhari expressed his optimism that the economic troubles may soon be over, and his solution to the problem is the 2017 Nigerian budget.

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The President addressed the people of Nigeria during his yearly conference held at the end of the year. During the event, which was held on the occasion of the Eid-el-maulud celebrations, Muhammadu Buhari first wished the nation a happy holiday, and then addressed the subject that many Nigerians are worried about – the economic situation and what can be done to improve it, stressing that the proposed budget for 2017 is going to help a lot.


As the address to the nation went further, President Buhari also stated that the holiday is not only the time for celebration, but also the time for reflection over the events of the last year and how they influenced every citizen. Buhari acknowledged that the country is going through hard times, not only when it comes to finances, but in many other regards. At the same time the President encouraged Nigerians to view the challenges as an opportunity to grow stronger rather than succumb to the troubles.