Hilarious Photo-Remakes Of Famous Movie Scenes Featuring Cats!

If you are lonely or bored you should definitely get yourself a cat. After all, a cat is not only a great friend and a mice hunter. You could also become an Internet celebrity with the help of a cat!

We are going to tell (and show!) you the story of a UK couple that makes staged photo-remakes of famous movie scenes with their cats.

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What is it all about?!

A husband and wife from Great Britain came up with a unique idea of recreating the best movie scenes with their cats as leading actors.

David and Sara have two cats named Willow and Tara who look very similar and their project couldn’t be any funnier. All of this started when David, who works as for a quiz show in Nottingham, used the picture of his cat representing ET in the round about movies and TV. After the picture became a success in the show and beyond it, the couple decided to make a series of such pictures.


Both cats are 4 years old but it’s mostly Tara who stars in most pictures. Sarah and David say that the cats are more than just pets for them, as they accompany the couple around the house riding on the shoulders.

They are also extremely smart and playful, enjoy watching documentaries together with their owners and, of course, sitting in their laps and chests.

“It’s not always easy to convince Tara to sit still for a picture. I need a lot of yummy things to spare if I want her to do what I want”, says David.

Finally, the exciting news for the fans is that the enthusiastic couple doesn’t plan to stop making these amazing pictures. They find the process of making them fascinating and consider it the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

#1 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

«The Story that Touched the World!»


#2 Alien

«In space no one can hear you scream”


#3 Ghost

«You will believe»


#4 The Shining

«The Horror is driving him crazy»


#5 American Beauty

«…look closer»


# 6 “Lady and the Tramp”

“… and NOW his Happiest Motion Picture!”


Here you can check out some more funny shots that will definitely make you smile:












Cats in Famous Movie Scenes

Cats in Famous Movie Scenes

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