How To Have The Perfect Kiss

Today is New Year’s Eve, and, as always, it marks the end of the old year and letting go of all the regrets, mistakes and sorrows, and the start of the new one, with new hopes, expectations and plans. One of the most common tradition, that accompanies this holiday, is midnight kiss – greeting the new year with a toll of bells and a kiss with someone you just met or your constant partner. If you want to impress your associate and remember this New Year till at least the next one, follow this tips for the most gentle, passionate and amazing kiss. Have the time of your life with Jiji!

Be your best self

It is really a common sense, but still you should be aware of your body and its smell. It is a real mood killer, and to avoid it just take a shower (don’t try to cover the smell with a deodorant!), brush your teeth and try not to eat anything with a strong odor (like garlic).













Make the best impression you can by choosing your clothes and shoes right. Create a solid image for the lowest price with Jiji. Tip for girls – be cautious with your makeup, don’t overuse your lipstick.

Choose your partner right


This point is not really important for you if you are in a relationship, but if you’re only choosing your partner it is really important for a good kiss. If you don’t really care about the person you’re about to kiss, there will be no chemistry between you, you will be less invested in it, and after a lot of such attempts you might even lose the taste for a process at all. On the other hand, the best way of becoming a great kisser is practice.

Plan the moment


Studies have shown, that a great part of preparation to the kiss is a visualization of the process. Use your imagination, picture yourself approaching to your partner, his or her face, lips, aroma, play the whole process in your head. This will boost your confidence and it will decrease a whole awkwardness of the situation.

Don’t overthink it

Sometimes by thinking too much about whether your partner will like the kiss or will he/she even want to kiss you can make you nervous or anxious. Don’t mind these thoughts too much. Remember, the passion behind the kiss is much more important, then the technique.

Don’t rush


Take your time, establish an eye contact (dial it down mid-kiss though), don’t try too hard to control the situation. Try reading all the signs you partner gives you, don’t insist too hard on a tongue action, and if you are already there – control your saliva.

Don’t get fixated


The kiss is not only about your face and mouth. Broaden this physical contact – try touching you partner’s hand or neck, hair or sides, or just hold them closer to increase the level of intimacy.