How To Shop For The Holidays

As Christmas and New Year are getting closer every day, we start thinking about holiday shopping. There are many things that need to be purchased before holidays – presents, food, party supplies, décor items are all must-have festive products. However, we spend most of our holiday budget on gifts. Buying presents for your loved ones supplies can be quite emotionally and financially stressful, unless you use these shopping tips to save time, money and effort on buying holiday gifts.

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Create a holiday budget

During gift shopping it’s very easy to get carried away and spend way more than you intended to. In order to set a fair budget, think about your holiday expenses over the last five years. Increase the amount you’ve spent every year by 20%, and you’ll get a realistic amount of money you need to have on hand to buy the presents for everyone you care about. It’s also recommended to set aside a small amount of money every month and use them in December, rather than spending all of your December income at once.


Create a list

Sit down several months before the holiday season and write down a list of everyone you need to get presents for. Start with people who are closest to you, so that you have more time to think about the gifts for them, and finish the list with regular acquaintances, co-workers, and neighbors. Whenever you have a great idea about a present to a person from the list, write it down to avoid it getting lost. It’s better to keep the list in a digital form to always be able to access it from any device.


Don’t postpone the shopping

If you’re looking for the best period for holiday shopping, November and early December are the time when online shops and department stores have their annual sales and special offers with low prices. It means that by that time you need to have a list of presents, as well as your budget, ready. A week or two before the holidays many stores raise their prices to take advantage of late shoppers. However, you can buy presents at the lowest prices on Jiji, where you’ll find excellent holiday deals for all kinds of products.


Give homemade gifts

Not every present you give this year has to be store-bought. If you have a couple of free hours, surprise the people you care about with one-of-a-kind gifts you’ll make yourself. The best homemade presents include food items like pastries, cookies, spice mixes, jams, and wines, décor items – they can be holiday-themed or universal, bath and body products, and even clothing and accessories, if you have the necessary skills and have enough time. A handmade gifts will be much more memorable and significant, which is why it’s always a good idea to try some DIY for the holidays.

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