How To Work Out Properly

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle and stay fit, it is absolutely necessary for you to devout at least a small amount of your time to sport. And for your energy not to go in vain, here are some helpful tips and tricks, that will help you to work out effectively and efficiently. Stay healthy with Jiji!

Set a realistic goal

It is always easier to do something if you know your endpoint. Working out is not an exception. Either you want to lose a few kilos or, on the contrary, gain some muscles set up a realistic goal for yourself and plan your activity according to it. On the other hand, don’t try to achieve something unrealistic. It is impossible to lose 10 kilograms in a week and you can’t become a young Schwarzenegger in a month. Just be reasonable, achieving your goal in the end will make you feel really good.

If you work out in a gym – try working with free weights


If you go to a gym for the first time, try to avoid exercise machines. They are more helpful for training specific groups of muscles, work with free weights will allow you a more general approach to a workout. You can even do this at home, if you have some proper equipment.  A good idea would also be to start to work out with a weight of your body (pushups, pullups etc.), as it is a more familiar task for your body.

Push Up

Raise your total load


Don’t be afraid to exercise with larger weight or to run one more kilometer. You should push your limits, but you should be careful with it. If you feel, that you can do better, add just a little bit to your effort. Drop it as soon as you feel, that you can’t do it. You shouldn’t allow this raise to affect your whole workout process.

Prioritize properly

On your first workout session try to understand, with which muscles do you have a problem, and next times try to put more effort on them. Still, for a balanced body don’t forget the non-problem areas. Be aware of your weaknesses and try to improve.

Diversify your training


Every athlete knows, that if you won’t shock your body, you won’t be able to improve. When you only start to work out, you will see an immediate progress, but if you will continue to work out in the same way, your progress will slow down. If you don’t want this to happen, try to change your workout routine every 3-4 months. This way your body will experience something new and won’t be able to adapt, which will assure your progress.


Keep your diet

Workout is only a part of the solution for keeping yourself healthy and fit. You won’t be able to achieve a positive result without healthy diet. You organism needs a certain amount of energy for a proper functionality, as well as different nutrients. Follow a schedule and eat 4-5 times a day (less food in one take).

Don’t forget to rest


Rest is an important part of building your body the way you want it. Work out 3-4 times a week and alter the days you work out with days you rest. The relaxation after physical activity ensures the recovery of your strength and allows you to reach your limits. Sleep at least 7 hours a day to get a healthy rest.

Keep a track of your achievements


Sometimes you will be discouraged or just feel too lazy to train. That’s why you need a proper motivation to keep yourself going. Watching yourself go is the best motivation you will need. You will feel great as you will realize, that the thing you are doing makes you better and actually has some effect on your life.