How To Make A Christmas Hamper

As Christmas is getting closer, we start planning the holiday and thinking about presents, as they are one of the essential components of Christmas celebration. We all have different attitudes towards gifts: some prefer to buy universal presents without putting any effort into choosing personalized gifts, while others spend months preparing the presents for the holiday. One of the most personal gifts you can give is a hamper, and you’re about to learn some helpful Christmas hamper ideas.

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What is a Christmas hamper?

If you’ve never given or received a hamper as a gift, you may have no idea what it is. A hamper is a holiday present that contains food, drinks, and treats. There are Christmas hampers that contain not only food items, but also souvenirs and thoughtful gifts like health and beauty products, décor items, and small accessories. However, a hamper containing food products and drinks is considered to be the most traditional gift for Christmas.


How much can you spend?

Luckily for people who don’t have a large budget for Christmas presents, a hamper doesn’t have to contain any luxury or exotic items to become a memorable gift, which means you can spend as much or as little as you can and still create a great Christmas hamper. If you’re truly short of money, you can fill your gift hamper with homemade items, which can range from cookies and chocolate sweets to jams and even homemade wine, depending on what your specialty is.


Choose the contents

Unless you decide to fill the hamper with the items you made at home, choosing what to put into the gift is a very responsible task. The contents of the Christmas hamper should reflect both the theme of the holiday and the personal taste of the person the gift is for. Christmas-themed hamper items can include chocolates and truffles, gingerbread cookies, scented teas, mulled wine mixes, a bottle of champagne, and anything else you consider to be ideal for the holiday. As for the non-food items, you can buy a blanket or a set of towels with a Christmas ornament, a spice-scented candle or bath and body product, a holiday wreath, and any other holiday-themed item that you believe will fit right into the hamper.


Decorate the hamper

First you need to decide what to use as a hamper container. A basket is the most common choice, and since it can be used afterwards, it’s also a practical option. You can also use a cardboard box wrapped in colorful gift paper. Food hampers can be placed on a large serving plate or tray. If you have a nice wooden box or crate lying around, you can use it too. After you’ve chosen the container and arranged the gifts, add some decorative elements, and wrap the gift using a piece of cellophane or clear plastic, so that the contents are clearly visible to the recipient of the present. Finish the package off with a festive ribbon, and your Christmas hamper is ready!