Nokia Introduces Two Phones With Buttons And “Snake” Game

For a while it seemed like Nokia’s best days are already behind: the smartphone market pushed regular phones with buttons out of the spotlight, and although Nokia had its own Windows-based lineup of smartphones, its sales were far from outstanding. In mid-December of 2016 the company made an announcement featuring two latest Nokia phones in the familiar plastic body, the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM. Find out everything about the two models!

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New home for Nokia

After things haven’t been so great for Nokia phones in the past few years, the company has found a new owner: Nokia was acquired by HMD Global, a Finnish company with a focus on mobile technology. HMD is currently planning Nokia’s comeback to the smartphone market with several flagship devices. The Nokia 150 was designed and produced by HMD as well, which is why the new model is especially interesting.


Nokia 150 specs

If you’ve ever owned a Nokia phone with a numeric keypad, you already know what to expect of the new model. The Nokia 150 features a 2,4-inch display with a 320×240 resolution, which have been the standard parameters for many Nokia phones back in the day. The connectivity characteristics include a micro-USB slot, a 3,5-mm headphone jack, and Bluetooth. The battery life supports up to 31 days on standby and up to 22 of talks.


On the back of the device you will find a flash-equipped VGA camera. The memory in Nokia 150 can be enhanced by a microSD card with up to 32GB of storage. As for the entertainment features, the phone has an FM radio and several apps, which include two games, Nitro Racing and the widely admired Snake, back by popular demand.

Should you buy Nokia 150?

The new Nokia phone is planned for wide release in early 2017 and will be sold all around Africa, Europe, and Asia. The announced price of the device is just $26, which can make the phone a new bestseller for Nokia. If you’ve never understood the hype around smartphones and want a simple device with respectable battery life, the one for making calls and sending text messages, the Nokia 150 can be your best choice. It’s also an ideal phone for people who are feeling nostalgic about the classic Nokia models. However, if you prefer your phones to have a lot of functionality, a numeric keyboard Nokia 150 is probably not exactly what you’re looking for.