Nollywood: Top 5 Best Latest Nigerian Movies

The Nigerian movie industry also known as Nollywood is becoming very popular not only on the territory of Nigeria but also all around the world. Due to its rapidly growing quality, it brings more and more foreigners and has already managed to take the third place in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood by the amount of movies produced each year. The more experience in film shooting there is, the better will be every next movie appearing on the screen. This golden rule works like never before, presenting the best latest Nigerian movies of 2016.

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#1 – “Elephant in the room”

If you want to spend some time watching a light romantic comedy, then the “Elephant in the room” is exactly the right choice. The movie tells a story about a girl who is made to do everything possible and sometimes even crazy and weird in order to get a job. She faces many difficulties and many people are laughing at her behavior and lack of experience, nevertheless, she manages to not give up and keeps going until she finds her happiness.

Elephant in the ROOM Trailer

A RomCom (romantic comedy) set in sierra leone with a returnee model from Europe who desperately is in need of a job to sustain herself. Featuring Ramsey Nou…

#2 – “Beyond blood”

If today you feel like having a mood for watching some romantic drama, then it’s a high time to watch “Beyond Blood”. The movie tells about the woman and her captivating story of self-discovery. After a series of negative events, she decides to run away from all her fears, but she gets caught in a cycle of unpleasant circumstances, from where she must find the way out.


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#3 – “Love is in the air”

The romantic comedy “Love is in the air” is a true expression of international love. The movie tells a story about the guy from Nigeria who falls in love with an Indian girl, and this is actually the moment where all the funniest things begin…


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#4 – “Couple of days”

Does love really exist longer than a couple of days? Find out the answer to this question with the romantic comedy called “Couple of days”. Gossiping, arguing, fighting, and making love – get ready to a great adventure lasting for two hours of the movie length.

Couple of Days — Official Trailer(2016), Nigeria | Filmone Distribution

Three Couples decide to take a weekend getaway and head out to a friend’s home in Ibadan. However, their happy break is ruined when little gossip lead the couples to share more personal secrets than anyone is willing to reveal and makes them all ask the question?

#5 – “SURU L’ERE”

Do you know what does it take to get a beautiful woman? Do you know what you must do first? You have to follow the “get rich quick” scheme. And this guy has definitely got something to teach you. Watch the “SURU L’ERE” and enjoy the good mood with a nice comedy.


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