Obama Christmas Wishes For 2017

On December 24th, Barak Obama together with his wife Michele congratulated the whole American nation with Christmas holidays. It was their last day in the White house and the next day the new President, Donald Trump was expected to arrive with his own family.

The Obama couple seems cheered up with a Christmas mood, and they even try to make some jokes. Besides that, they call everyone to think about the US troops not just during the holiday season, but all around the year. They urged the citizens to go on JoiningForces.gov and see how they could help.

As to Obama family holidays celebrations, they will go to Hawaii where the President grew up and will return back to Washington D.C. only after the New Year.

Watch the video with Christmas congratulations from Obama family below:

Weekly Address: Merry Christmas from the President and the First Lady

In this week’s address, the President and the First Lady wished all Americans a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Have a Merry Christmas with Jiji