Pokemon Go Is Preparing Great Updates!

Just a few months ago the world got literally crazy about the new Pokemon Go game. Now, the agiotage has fallen a lot, so the developers had to prepare some updates and little novelties. So what has the updated Pokemon Go got to offer for its most passionate players?

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Natic Labs is preparing a big update for Pokemon Go. New pokemons will appear in the game, as well as additional techniques for the players.

2At the moment, there are 150 creatures in the zoo. After the update, there will be 100 usual and legendary pokemons added to the game arsenal. The developers will also add the long-awaited battles between the players and foster-pokemons raising, as in other Japanese gaming hit – Tamagotchi.

Pokemon Go has become a breakthrough and a gaming hit on the mobile platforms. The game was installed more than 500 million times and has brought $600 million profit to its developer. Nearly 45 million people were playing Pokemon games in the first 3 months after the game launch. The game was massively installed even in those countries, where it wasn’t officially represented. People used different ambages, such as IP spoofing, to be able to install the game on their mobile devices.

With time, the interest to the game has faded and Pokemon Go has lost 79% of its audience. It was mainly caused by the similarity of the game mechanics, restricted content amount, and absence of users keeping and the interaction between them. Nevertheless, with all their losses, the project got 28% income of the entire mobile games market.


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