President’s Daughter To Marry On December 2nd!

On the second day of the first winter month one of the daughter’s of the current President of Nigeria, Zahra Buhari, is going to get married. The son-in-law-to-be is Ahmed Indimi, the son of Nigerian billionaire and oil tycoon, Mohammed Indimi.

1To be true, the couple is going to become a star-type pair. From one side there is Zahra – a young beautiful lady, having graduated the University of Surrey in England majoring in microbiology. Soon after her graduation, she became an ambassador of the SCAF, the organization fighting to minimize the case of the sickle cell around the nation. From another side, there is Ahmed, a young handsome guy, a marketing director of Oriental Energy Resources. Zahra, the embodiment of adoration for many young and older women, together with a stable financial support of her husband-to-become are making a perfect match of quite an influential young family.

2Though the majority of Nigeria’s inhabitants were waiting for a grandiose wedding celebration to talk about for years, it was decided by the Presidential family that there would be no great party. The President Buhari is widely known as a true foe of lavishness, that is why the wedding of his beloved daughter will be celebrated in the circle of the family members and the closest friends. Therefore, this special day of Buhari daughter is not going to be marked with any fuss, just a low-key celebration of true love.