Smart Tips For Smart Christmas Online Buying

In the holiday bustle we sometimes completely lose our mind and forget about everything trying to find gifts for our friends and loved ones.

However, at this time it is important to pull ourselves together and remember some simple rules for buyers and their rights!


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Demand the warranty for gifts from the store

A lot of shops give Christmas gifts to their customers. As a rule, the warranty does not apply to gift items. It is quite legal, but it is valid only if the free product can be clearly identified by its identification code.

For example, if you purchased the package “2 + 1 free”, the seller will be obliged to take back defective goods, since it is impossible to determine which item in the package was a gift. If the store offers valuable goods as gifts (for example, a dryer for customers buying a washing machine), experts advise to demand the warranty for both products.

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Don’t be tempted by incredible discounts

Before Christmas sellers normally try to attract buyers with fantastic discounts of up to 50-70%. However, a lot of consumers already know that the initial price may be deliberately raised before making this discount.

Shops often reduce prices at the expense of distorting the original cost or temporarily limiting the seller’s margin.

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Hurry up to order goods in online stores

If you want to buy gifts for Christmas or New Year in the online store, you’d better order them not later than 1st of December. 94% of online retailers will be able to deliver the ordered goods before Christmas in this case.

Some stores allow their customers to take their orders themselves in special outlets until December 24.

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Know your rights when returning goods

If the seller has recognized that the return is fair, the buyer has the right to demand reimbursement for transportation or shipping costs. If the store refuses to admit that the return is legitimate, then it will not reimburse the costs, but neither can it demand the refund of its costs from the buyer.

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Demand a warranty for used products

Some stores offer a shortened warranty for used goods. Nevertheless, buyers need to be aware that according to the law, the store must give a guarantee of at least 12 months even for second-hand equipment. The seller has no right to limit the minimum guarantee period.

Therefore, if you find a defect within a year, feel free to contact the store under your warranty.

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Use free service for the warranty products that have been sold to you being defective

If the defect is detected within 6 months of purchase, the consumer may assume that the thing was sold in that condition. If you are able to prove this during examination, the seller will be responsible for the damage under warranty.

The store is not responsible for the defects occurring due to the user’s operation. If you are sure that the product was originally defective, insist on the examination.


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