How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

Christmas is now over, and you will probably remember this magical holiday for a long time. This special evening brings families together and allows one to show the care and tenderness to loved ones. The huge part of all this is a tradition of gift giving. Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts, you can’t really go wrong with them. If you got one this year and you want to keep it shiny and beautiful for a long time, follow these simple advice. Check jewelry for sale on Jiji!

General advice


Every jewelry’s main role is an accessory, so try not to wear them in casual situations. Sweat and makeup can cause your favorite chain or bracelet to darken or to lose its glitter. Take them off while you work out or clean your house. Also, beware of too much water on your jewelry. The metal it’s made of may be resistant to rust, but there are some parts, that made out of simple iron – for example, a spring inside the buckle. Furthermore, most of the precious metals are extremely soft and easily abraded, so try to avoid any mechanical damage. Keep your jewelry in a separate boxes or bags, made out of microfiber and try to use some help from a professional jeweler at least once a year. He can professionally clean your valuables and check every fastening for stability.



You can clean your golden jewelry with a cloth, made out of microfiber or some other kind of soft material. Small spots can be cleaned with a soap water with a few drops of ammonium chloride. If the dirt doesn’t want to go away, leave the jewelry in a dishwashing liquid solution for a day (pay attention to the components of the liquid and check if they are not abrasive). Another lifehack – use an onion juice to return the lost shine to a jewelry.



Silver jewelry is prone to darken, that’s why they need an extra care. Use microfiber or flannel (anything rougher can damage its surface) and soap water. If your silver furnish is blackened, you shouldn’t try to clean it at home, only special substances won’t damage it. You can buy them in specialized stores or use the help of professionals.




Fat and soap film makes diamonds much less fabulous. You can clean them with a soft brush in a warm water with soap or shampoo.



Although pearls are born in the water, too much of it will kill it. Clean pearl jewelry with a potato starch, avoid chemically active components, as pearls are often glued to a framework. Also, this stones can lose their shine in time if they are kept in dark place, so wear them from time to time.

Amethysts (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, quartz)


These stones are really firm, that’s why they can be cleaned with a soft brush in a soap water. It is advised to wash them out in a distilled water and wipe with a soft napkin after the procedure.