Tips On Healthy Eating

It is very important to properly take care of your body. And physicians all over the world claim that healthy, properly balanced diet is one of the most important elements of keeping yourself fit and feeling good. But there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic. So, let’s set the record straight and make some fundamental rules of healthy eating. Stay healthy with Jiji!

1.      Don’t eat on the move


Nowadays, our life becomes faster and faster every day, so it becomes almost a habit to quickly snatch a bite in between your main activities. Turns out, that’s not healthy at all.

Your body can’t adapt to the amount of food you drop in it that fast. This can lead to you being hungry with a full stomach, which can provoke an unnecessary amount of acid.

2.      Eat less, but more often

If you eat a lot in one sitting, your stomach will stretch, which will consequently lead to you craving more food. Eating less, but more often (preferably, with a set schedule, 5-6 times a day) will help your organism to digest your food better and faster.

3.      Eat fewer fats


Everyone knows that fatty foods are unhealthy, as they can cause an excess of cholesterol, which can lead to the heart, liver, and kidneys diseases. Although this is true, you shouldn’t completely exclude fatty food from your diet, as fat is essential for the work of your brain. One of the most important types of fat is an Omega-3 fat, which can be found in fish and other seafood.

4.      Diversify your food

A lot of people consider fruits and vegetables the best products for a healthy diet. But they are not enough. Vitamins are not a cure-all, for a full functionality your organism needs minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and other staff. That’s why you need to try to combine in your diet everything you can, from beans to grains, dairy, and meats.

5.      Don’t eat before sleep

When you sleep, your whole body restarts and prepares for a new day. If you eat and go to bed, your stomach won’t be able to rest properly.

6.      Watch what you drink


It is important to keep your water balance, but some drinks can cause you more harm, than good. Alcohol, caffeine, and drinks, full of sugar may cause a calcium deficiency and a rise of glucose level. That’ s why when you thirsty – better drink some water or fresh juice (find the best deal for juice squeezers here).

7.      Listen to your organism


If you don’t have specific diseases, your cravings will most likely tell you, what’s better to eat right now. Eat snacks, if you are hungry in between your main meals (preferably something healthy, like nuts or fruits). Just be careful in doses of what you eat and everything will be fine.

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