Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids

The whole world is happily looking forward to Christmas 2016, but no one is more excited about the holiday than children. For the little ones Christmas is the most magical time of the year, when the whole family gathers at home, eats a festive meal, enjoys holiday decorations, and, of course, exchanges presents.  If you’re looking for gifts for kids, but are lost at the variety of presents available today, our guide will help you make the right choice.


If there are any baby girls in your family, you can’t go wrong with buying a doll as a gift, as it’s a classic present for young ladies. You can find all kinds of dolls on Jiji: there are talking dolls, fairy dolls, dolls of popular cartoon characters, and even doll castles, which will definitely make a good present.


Play tent

One of the favorite pastimes for kids around the world is building their own tents and play spaces. A ready-made play tent is an excellent way to give the kids some privacy: they can go and play in the tent whenever they want. You can join them too and spend some quality family time together.



If you’re looking for a more educational gift, check out puzzles for sale on Jiji. Puzzles are a beloved hobby both for children and adults, which means you can sit down as a family and complete some complicated puzzles together. You can also get an easier puzzle for the kid to complete on its own and enjoy his little victory.



An ideal present for older children is their first own piece of technology, and a tablet PC works the best. It’s recommended to get an inexpensive one, so that no one would be too upset when the tablet inevitably breaks down. Remember to control the children’s tablet use and don’t let them spend whole days playing.


Teddy bear

We’ve all had our favorite plush toys when we were little, so it makes perfect sense to buy teddy bears on Jiji for your kid as a Christmas gift. A new teddy bear can become the child’s best friend for years, which is why you need to pay attention to the quality of the toy and how durable it is.


Smart watch

Depending on your kid’s age and your budget, you can either get a genuine smart watch from a renowned brand like Apple or Samsung, or a special children’s smart watch. Smart watches for kids usually come with games, a calculator, and a calendar, and some watches are even equipped with a photo and video camera.


Toy car

If you go and choose toy cars on Jiji, you will discover hundreds of models that range from super affordable children’s cars to luxury remote controlled toy cars. Perhaps, the most amazing gift you can give this Christmas is a ride-on car, which allows kids to drive around in their favorite model.



In case your child is a smart dresser, he or she won’t like anything more than a fancy piece of clothing – for example, a dress. Look for children’s dresses on Jiji to discover exactly what you need: a beautiful dress for a baby girl made of high quality materials. You can also find a matching pair of shoes or an accessory to complete the look.


Board game

A board game is another fun way to bring the whole family together, which is why it’s an ideal Christmas gift for a child. You can go for one of the classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble, or choose from the most discussed games of the last years like Exploding Kittens – whatever you choose, your kids are going to love it.



If you want your children to leave an active lifestyle, start with giving them a bike for Christmas. You can buy a bicycle for kids on Jiji, and if you don’t have a bike of your own yet, you can find one there too. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have when you drive around the town on your bikes together!


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