Top Important Events Of The 2016 Year

A leap 2016 year has brought many good and bad news. Someone married, someone passed away, someone was elected as the President as someone has won a musical award. So let’s refresh the memories of the outgoing year once again.

And greet the New 2017 Year with

Birthday: Queen Elizabeth has turned 90


The year of 2016 has brought the celebration of 90 years life to the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth. She had actually two birthdays – one on April 21st as her actual day of birth, and on June 11th due to an old tradition of having grand royal birthday parade in summer. After turning 90, Elizabeth decided to pass her patronage of dozens of charities, numerous institutions, and sporting groups to other members of her family. Let’s remind that she is the world’s longest reigning living monarch.

Death: Fidel Castro has passed away in his 90th


Fidel Castro, the Cuban ruler who headed the country for almost 50 years passed away in November 2016. For some countries and their politicians, Fidel seemed and was quite a negative character conducting his own external policy, which didn’t always benefit other countries’ interests. But for the whole nation of Cuba, he was a father who fought for their rights and the better life for the whole country.

Space: Juno to buzz Jupiter’s clouds for the third time


A great news from the space world is that Juno, a spacecraft with a special mission to explore and study the creation of Jupiter, has successfully entered the Jupiter’s atmosphere for the third time. It is expected to stay there for 20 months gathering the information not only about the Jupiter’s creation, but how do other space objects form in the solar systems. Let’s remind that the Jupiter is surrounded by especially radioactive gas, which will impact the spacecraft if it stays on the orbit for longer than the expected term. So right after the mission comes to an end, Juno will plunge into the Jovian atmosphere taking data as it burns up, becoming one with the planet’s atmospheric gasses.

Elections: Trump to become the next President of the USA


The Trump’s victory at the Presidential elections of 2016 probably became one of the most shocking, unexpected, and talked about news. Between the two leaders of the pre-electoral campaign, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, everyone thought that Hillary would win. But the majority of American have made a different decision giving around 60% of their votes to Donald. Of course, the Trump’s victory caused many protests in states like New York and California as the majority of people there voted for Hillary. Nevertheless, nothing is likely to change, so the only thing that is left for Americans to do is to wait for the big changes to come.