Zahra Buhari And Her Fairytale Wedding

On December 16 Zahra Buhari, the daughter of the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, married her longtime boyfriend Ahmed Indimi. The wedding was held in Borno in a series of events and became the most anticipated and discussed wedding of the year not only in Nigeria, but all around Africa.

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The bride, Zahra Buhari, is the seventh child of the Buhari Family and a leader of a NGO. The groom is a businessman and an heir to Mohammed Indimi’s business empire. The wedding kicked off with a magnificent ball that was held indoors and was attended by the top personalities of Lagos. Next the selected guests were invited to a bridal shower that was tea-themed and became a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding.


The day before the wedding the mother of the bride, Aisha Buhari, organized her own pre-wedding event for her beloved daughter – a henna night. The next day the couple finally tied the knot in front of their families and closest friends. The event was closely monitored by the security to protect the safety of the high-profile guests.


The wedding venue was incredibly decorated and was featured on hundreds of Instagram photographs from the guests. Zahra wore a stunning lacy white wedding dress with a beautiful veil, while the groom was elegantly dressed in black trousers and an ivory jacket. The event has surely made a memorable impression on the guests, while the bride and the groom were over the moon. May we wish the couple many years of happy married life!