15 Advices On How To Cook Meat

Meat is an essential part of the diet for most of us. Dishes, made out of meat and poultry are full of nutrients, like protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins of group B. Consuming the product will help you to strengthen your vessels, boost your metabolism and raise the hemoglobin level of your blood. Here are a few tips, that will help you to prepare the best meat meal, while still keeping it healthy. Get the best fresh ingredients for your tasty dish on Jiji!

  1.      The most important thing is to properly choose the meat. One of the ways to check its quality is to press on it with your finger. If the piece is good, it should be elastic, so the cavity from your finger should disappear quickly.f3f170b12e37b95d2b740d617999f5f8
  2.      Visually different types of meat have different specifications, but generally, they all have light pink color
  3.      To measure the amount of meat you need, keep in mind, that 1 kg of raw meat corresponds to 600 grams of boiled and 650 grams of fried meat.
  4.      If the meat you’ve bought is old, you should rub it with dry mustard powder a few hours before cooking. Wash the mustard away with cold water just before cooking.
  5.      Slice it only along the fibersbrown-meat
  6.      Don’t lay pieces of meat close to each other, while pan frying them, this will cause the meat to be drier. Better fry the meat in portions.
  7.      To make your chop softer and juicier, rub the meat with a mix of oil and vinegar and leave it for 2-3 hours. For poultry, swap the vinegar with some white wineimages
  8.      If you grill your meat, add the salt and pepper at the very end of the process. If you add the salt earlier, the meat will be wet, and pepper, if burns, makes the meat bitter.
  9.      You can make medium-rare steak out of beef, but veal and pork should always be well done
  10.  The meat can be preserved for a few days without a fridge if you’ll wrap it with a wet towel or coat it with milk or boiling water with some saltdegrees2
  11.  To check the doneness, pierce the meat. If the juice is red – it is not ready, if it’s pink – the meat is medium-rare if it’s clear – the dish is done.
  12.  If you’re baking your meat in the oven, coat it regularly with its own juice or broth
  13.  It’s better to cook meat with some other products (vegetables, groats etc). This way the meat won’t overheat and proteins won’t break down.
  14.  To add a light smell of garlic to the dish, just put it on the fork and dip it into the dish for a few secondsCrust Roast Fry Pig Rind Meat Crust
  15.  To get the great golden crust, rub the meat with small quantities of mustard or honey