20 Nail Art Ideas & Top Tips We Love

Fashionable nail design is not just conventional nail polishing; it is, in fact, a real art and this is why it is called nail art! And we should admit that designers have definitely succeeded in this art while developing new ideas for 2017!


Let’s look at the most interesting manicure ideas that will be trendy in 2017! Find quality, amazing branded nail polishes for sale on Jiji!

Maximum naturalness

The main trend in 2017 is the maximum naturalness of nail designs, so your nail length and shape should conform to it. Short and ultrashort nails are in trend this season, the length of the free tip ideally should not exceed 2-3 mm.

Your nails should be oval or almond-shaped. Even currently fashionable square nails should be slightly rounded thus becoming “squoval” in 2017!



Make your look more stylish with nude nail art designs!

It comes in two versions: the autumn-winter version features round shape and gray, purple, brown and gray-pinkish shades in combination with milk-white nail tip.

The spring-summer variant features brighter shades – pale yellow, peach, light-red and pale green. It is highly important to make sure that the shade matches your complexion.


French manicure

This is quite an easy nail design and it can be brightly colored or classic. However, if you don’t feel like wearing it, you can opt for a black and white French manicure with glitter.

The main color is black (matte finish), the free tip is painted with white polish with a flowing effect (as if you weren’t careful enough) and then glitter is applied.

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Moon manicure

The shift in emphasis from the tip of the nail to the bed of the fingernail (the lunula) has long been considered a classic technique of “reverse” French manicure!


Trendy “metallic”

Famous nail designers recommend using metallic polishes to create autumn-winter manicure styles combined with a matte finish in dark colors.


3d patterns

American stylists have presented creative nail art ideas of 2017 made with stones, sharp spikes and pearls. The trend can be explained by the specifics of its décor and has been designed for thematic parties.


Striped geometry

Triangles, squares, zigzags, and dots can go together on your nails according to any principle: shape, color or size. These patterns are versatile and look great on the nails of any length!

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Rhinestones, powder, glitter

Glittering decor ensures a feeling of holiday celebration!

Stylists recommend using a lot of glittering elements in the autumn-winter design nails. In the summer and spring the number of shining supplements should be minimal.


Shellac nail design

Shellac is now increasingly popular both in beauty salons and at home.

Shellac is used to create an interesting and trendy nail design. With its help you can make French manicure, draw bright beautiful patterns and implement your most fantastic creative ideas.


Check out other great ideas on these nail art pics!

Smooth Ombre

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Glass nails

Glass nails

Negative space manicure

Negative space

Vertical stripe


Geometry manicure

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Frame manicure

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Manicure with colorful sequins 

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Fen-shui manicure


Art manicure


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