7 Habits We Wrongly Consider Useful

Each of us has created our personal set of rules and habits that are aimed at keeping our health and body in the perfect state. Some of them are surely right, such as washing fruits and vegetables before eating, doing morning exercises or brushing teeth before sleep. But there are others that raise many questions. So here are 7 habits that before this moment you considered as necessary, but you can be sure they are not.

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#1 – Multivitamins intake

1The consumption of multivitamins and all different food supplements doesn’t decrease the level of risk of getting ill. There are even chances that one could get sick because of unnecessary bio additives. It is much better to replace them with fruits and vegetables, which are a natural source of vitamins and all necessary components.

#2 – Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

2Hand sanitizers are coping quite well with many kinds of bacteria. But it regards only those ones, which contain no less than 60% of alcohol. All the rest sanitizers effect not all micro organisms. In the contact with pesticides, even alcohol-containing sanitizers cannot help. So the best way out is just to wash your hands with soap.

#3 – Refusal of monosodium glutamate

3Research has shown that such unpleasant symptoms as a headache or nausea that are blamed at monosodium glutamate can appear only if you eat not less than 3 grams of this pure substance. It is very unlikely to happen in real life. Besides, the products that are added monosodium glutamate, are full of other unhealthy components anyways.

#4 – Organism cleansing by means of detox-diets

4The detoxification programs, which are rapidly gaining popularity promise us to help get rid of the toxins. Specialists, in their turn, claim that a healthy organism can manage this task on its own. However, if your liver or kidneys cannot perform their direct functions, this is the reason to see a doctor, and not drink smoothie and oxygen cocktails.

#5 – Organic products intake

5In many countries, including Nigeria, the requirements to organic products are absent. So in many cases, the label “eco” or “bio” is nothing more but a marketing trick. So it can be the same product as from the ordinary market.

#6 – Refusal of using microwave oven

6Many useful food substances can be destroyed while heating up the food in the microwave oven. But the same thing happens when reheating it on the gas stove or in the oven. In some cases, a microwave is even better due to the shorter time required for reheating in the microwave. For example, the vitamin C is preserved.

#7 – Obsession with fat-free products

7Fats, as well as proteins and carbohydrates, are necessary for our organism. That’s why replacing the usual cottage cheese or yogurt with a fat-free analog is not the best option to decrease the calorie concentration of your food. Besides, the shortage of nutritional value in many fat-free products is compensated by an increased sugar containment, which is completely harmful to your health.

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