9 Tips To Help You Start The New Year With A Clean Slate

How many tasks from the previous year are there waiting for your execution? How many obligation are awaiting your return? Stop thinking about it all and better start this New Year with an entirely Clean Slate. So take these simple steps to make sure you are starting the New Year on a solid footing.

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Head start

1Don’t follow your colleagues lead of coming to work late after holidays. On the contrary, start this year ahead of the pack. Be the first to come, to have done all your tasks, and rest.

Clean Out Your Inbox

2The New Year is recommended to be accompanied with a clean start. So come through all your unread messages and start the year with an empty inbox.

Check Your Calendar

3Most people have no idea what appointments and meeting are awaiting them after coming back to work. But it is essential to be prepared and to meet the New Year with your eyes kept wide open and your brain ready to work productively.

Block The Time For Your Own Priorities

4Before other people try to steal your time, define your own priorities and put them on schedule. Don’t allow someone else to start this year by making you to work for their good, not yours.

Clear Your Desk

5It doesn’t regard to a physical cleaning of your desk, but to setting the time for events you gonna repeat constantly. This is the only way to achieve great results in any sphere of your life.

Learn To Say “No”

6Start this year with learning to say “No” to many things and people. It is indeed a valuable skill, which will help you avoid doing someone else’s job.

Groom Your To-Do List

7The time has come to clean up all unnecessary tasks from your to-do list, which are better to be left in the old year. Enter the New Year with new visions, goals, and completely new tasks.

Reconsider Your Goals

8The New Year requires you to review and reconsider your goals in accordance to your new visions. It will help you stick to the point and get to your goal quicker.

Keep Positive Attitude

Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

No matter how frightening your current tasks might seem to you, remember to keep a positive attitude and refer to everything with optimism. This will give you much strengths to cope with any difficulties on your way.

Jiji wishes you a Happy Year to be started with a clean slate!