Do The First Ladies Abuse Their Privileges?

It’s no secret for anyone that the job of the First Lady of Nigeria comes with certain responsibilities, but there are also significant perks of being the wife of the current Nigerian president. Recently Aisha Buhari, the wife of Muhammadu Buhari, has been accused of abusing privileges and draining funds through the Nigerian High Commission in London. Here is how the First Lady responded to the accusations.

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In an official statement, released through her spokesperson on January 8, Aisha Buhari claimed that the accusations were completely unfounded and that the reporters didn’t have a clear picture of the situation. The First Lady said she had no direct ties to the Nigerian High Commission, which prevents her from having access to the funds. However, Mrs. Buhari didn’t deny the fact that whenever she is visiting London, the High Commission organizes lavish receptions for the First Lady, claiming that this kind of treatment is prescribed by the protocol for treating the wife of the current president of Nigeria.


The accusations of abusing the funds surfaced when it was revealed that during her trip to London in October 2016, the Nigerian High Commission spent £10,000 to meet the First Lady, which included a festive reception of Aisha Buhari and her members of entourage at the airport. Nevertheless, the wife of Muhammadu Buhari has denied any wrongdoing and reminded everyone that this kind of treatment of First Ladies is practiced all over the world.