What Food To Eat Before & After Different Workouts

For the successful workout results, it is not only important to pick up the right diet, but it is also essential that you know when is the right time to eat and what food is best for different kinds of training. Learn what you should eat before and after the workout.

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Every kind of workout requires its special food intake. For this, see what you should consume before you start training.


Before: You don’t want to start your treadmill training with your stomach full. So eat at least 1 hour before a workout. Choose the meal that is low in sugar and fats, moderate in protein and high in carbs. This could be almond milk, banana, and berries.


After: 20-30 minutes after your cardio workout is the “metabolic window” when your muscles need nutrients most of to recover most efficiently. Consider drinking a cup of chocolate milk or a protein smoothie.

Strength Training

Before: Have a balanced meal consisting of carbs and protein an hour or two before the workout. Prepare a smoothie by blending low-fat yogurt, berries and oats. And don’t forget to take with you a bottle of water.


After: Now your muscles need much protein to recover, so sip a cocktail containing 20-25 grams of protein within an hour.

Pilates or Barre

Before & After: The meal you intake for your pilates or barre workouts depends on the goal pursue. If you aim at losing weight, then you should opt for a nutrient rich meal within 60 minutes before and after your workout. If your goal is to improve strength, then try two hard boiled eggs with multigrain toast or a slice of roasted vegetable.



Before & After: The best food to consume for the better yoga workouts is the meal rich in protein and carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables, yogurt, natural muesli and nuts – anything will be a good choice.


3 Tips To Easily Recover After Workout

Rehydrate: most of us are much dehydrated after workouts. And the loss of fluids continues as long as we sweat and breath. So it is important to replenish these fluids immediately. Keep in mind that your thirst is not an indicator. Just check the color of your urine. The darker it is, the more dehydrated you are.

Repair: after every workout, it is important that you help your damaged muscles to repair with protein. The best source of this nutrient are eggs, nuts, legumes, lean meats, tofu, and reduced fat dairy.

Refuel: to avoid low energy, decreased alertness and a bad mood, refuel your body with carbohydrates. Aim for high-quality carbohydrates sources, such as wholegrain bread and cereals.


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