“I’m Not Dead” – President Buhari Slams Rumors

On January 20th Nigerians were startled by the reports from a UK publication, which stated that President Buhari was visiting the United Kingdom for a health check, fell ill to an unknown disease, and subsequently passed away. The rumors were later squashed by Buhari’s spokesperson, and later the president himself addressed the reports of his alleged death.

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Garba Shehu, the spokesperson for Muhammadu Buhari, published a Facebook post, where he stated that the president was alive and well. Shehu added that Mr. Buhari was in Germany, contrary to the information that he was spending a holiday in the UK. The spokesperson of the president also made fun of the rumors claiming Goodluck Jonathan, the former president of Nigeria, was invited to the Trump inauguration.


Upon hearing the “news” of his passing, Muhammadu Buhari decided to address the rumors once more. He went on Twitter and posted a photo of himself sitting in a hotel room and watching a Nigerian news program, Sunday Politics. He mentioned that he always keeps up with news from home wherever he is, adding that he was incredibly proud of the state of Nigerian media.