iPhone Smartphone Is 10 Years Old

January 9, 2017 was a very special day, as it marked a ten-year anniversary of a revolutionary occasion. This day in 2007 in San Francisco Steve Jobs has demonstrated the very first iPhone. Since then, Apple has been trying to push new and innovative ideas with every new iPhone model, and by doing this they’ve shaped the world we live in today. So, let’s celebrate this anniversary by recalling the whole path it took the company to end up where they are. If you want to enjoy their great product for an affordable price, buy Apple iPhone on Jiji.


This was definitely not the first successful innovation of Steve Jobs and his company (like iPod Classic and its “1000 songs in your pocket”), but it might be the one, which will always be remembered by fans. iPhone was the first real smartphone – with touch controls (most of the devices had physical controls) and support of multi-touch, revolutionary user interface and has united three separate devices – the phone, the iPod and the internet communicator. Granted, it was lacking many features, which we cannot imaging not having today, like GPS, MMS etc, but its unique design and innovative thought has conquered the whole world. Heck, the company has made more than 200 patents for this piece of technology!



Since then, Apple has released 15 more models of iPhone and 10 different versions of an operating system, and with each one they were pushing themselves, trying to make something new and innovative, trying to be one step ahead from every rival. iPhone 3G had the support of the 3rd generation cellular networks, 3GS had much better processor and twice as much RAM, 4 one (last model presented by Jobs) gave us Retina display and famous camera, 4S introduced us to Siri, 5 supported 4G LTE and started using Lightning plug, 5S was first to install finger print scanner, 6 has started the trend of introduction of two smartphones with different display sizes, 7 removed ear jack, but added the second main camera. List of changes is obviously not full, but it clearly shows the long path iPhone has made. Even if you’re not a fan of the brand, you can’t deny the impact of this product on our lives. It popularized social media, without it there would be no Twitter or Instagram.326a6234b79a7c2ea61b1ee6f0a2360a

iPhone has set new standards in the industry, and, according to Apple, it will continue to do so. This year they are planning to throw away an old formula, according to which they should introduce iPhone 7S this year. Instead, they are planning on showing an iPhone 8, which, according to some sources, will make the same impact the first one did, with glass body and no home button. It might be hard to recreate the same feelings of awe, but if anyone could do it – it would be Apple.