How To Survive A Sleepless Night

It is difficult to stay without a sleep for a whole night. And it gets even harder, when it is a part of your job and you have to completely remake your sleeping cycle. So, here are a few tips, that will help you to adapt to your nightshifts easier, or will just help you to stay up whole night without serious consequences for your well-being. Stay healthy with Jiji!

1.      Have a pre-All-Nighter sleepafrican_american_man_sleeping_on_sofa_bld041174

This way you will have more energy during the night itself. You can either nap for a few hours, or just stay up longer a night before and sleep more in the morning. It would be better not to take naps during the All-Nighter, but if you feel, that you have no choice, make them no longer than 20 minutes.

2.      Be easy on caffeinecoffee-beans

It may seem like an ideal choice, but it is only a temporary solution. Coffee may give you a temporary buzz, but the next day you will feel yourself very sleepy and tired. Instead, try drinking an icy cold water every hour or so. Non-caffeinated herbal tea might also be a great choice.

3.      Eat protein-rich foodsProtein-Rich-Foods

Food with lots of sugar may make you feel awake for a while, but eventually mat make you feel drowsy. Apples were proven to help to wake up even more, than coffee does, they keep your blood sugar levels stable. Don’t eat too much of anything, though, feeling bloated will only make you feel sleepier. Also, don’t eat turkey, bananas, figs or toast, as they tend to make you tired.

4.      Listen to loud and harsh musicheadbang

Heavy metal is an ideal choice for this situation. Arrhythmic, brutal music will keep you from being lulled to sleep. Choose some sort of instrumental songs not to be too distracted by them.

5.      Don’t make yourself too comfortable

Try not to work in your bed or on a sofa, as it will feel very tempting to go to sleep. Choose a place, where you can sit straight or even work standing up. Try changing locations from time to time. Being around other people is also really helpful.

6.      Don’t strain your eyesCircle-Beard-1

When you are tired, your eyes can become extremely sensitive to light. Put the brightness settings on your screens on minimum. Take regular breaks from staring on a computer screen. Set “night mode” wherever is possible. Wear sunglasses after the sleepless night.

7.      Get some sleep instead of none

If you have some time in the end of the night, at least take a nap. Your brain needs this, brain cells are literally being destroyed if you’re regularly not getting enough sleep. Just make sure, that you will wake up after your nap, it would be better if someone would check you out.

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