Tips On How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is a pretty nasty habit, tobacco kills approximately 6 million people a year. Around 600 000 of those people are second-hand smokers, so if you smoke, you not only put yourself in danger, but everyone around you too. Smoking can lead to lung and different other kinds of cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, the list goes on and on. If you are aware of the dangers of this habit and you want to quit, but just don’t seem to have enough willpower, here are a few tips on how to fight your way out of it. Stay healthy with Jiji!

1. Find your motivationgreaterthanaddiction3

Look for a powerful, personal reason to quit. Both fear for your health and for health for your family are great motivators, or quit to look younger, save some money or just to prove yourself, that you can.

2. Consider medicinal approachquit-smoking

Nicotine withdrawal is really unpleasant, it can cause headaches and mood swings. You can try getting away from it in small steps, using such nicotine replacements as nicotine gum and patches. Try using electronic cigarettes with liquids with lower amount of nicotine. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using them, though. Or ask him about some other kind of medicine, that will help you to cope with it.

3. Ask your loved ones for supportquit-support

Your friends and family most likely will encourage you to keep going, which will be helpful especially when you’re tempted. It will give you a sense of responsibility to them, and they will always support you through hard times

4. Minimize the stress

One of the reason people smoke is that it helps them to relax. To quit effectively, choose a day you know won’t be so stressful. Try to find another way to unwind, like exercising, listening to music or using this time to your hobby.

5. Get rid of remindershouse-cleaner

Clean your house, get rid of the ashtrays and lighters, wash your clothes. Use air fresheners to get rid of the smell. Be thorough, you don’t want to see or smell anything, that will remind you of this habit.

6. Get rid of the habitscoffee-and-cigarettes

Usually people smoke in fixed periods of their day. So, if you smoked with your morning cup of coffee – try to drink less coffee, if you smoked after a meal – try doing something else, like taking a walk or texting your friend. Avoid alcohol, as it is often easier to lose control of yourself, when you’re drunk.

7. Don’t stop trying

Many people try way more than once to give up this habit. If you relapse, don’t get discouraged, analyze, what you did wrong and try to eliminate the factors, that made you start over again.