Tips On Running For the Beginners

Running is the most basic, but, nonetheless, one of the most effective types of cardio exercises. People, who have the habit of regular jogging, have less risk of developing the chronic illness like heart disease or stroke. And, as any other exercise, it can help you to manage your weight and/or boost your mood through a discharge of endorphins. These bits of advice will help you to develop this healthy habit and, what’s more important, to maintain it and improve yourself. Stay healthy with Jiji!

Before the start

lead_960Get the right shoes. If your running shoes won’t fit, it may lead to a pretty serious injury, so be very careful about your choice. After you’ll establish your habit, don’t forget to regularly change your shoes (once every 500 kilometers or so).

Plan out the whole thing. Choose the exact route and time and put it in your diary (make one, if you don’t have it). This way you’ll be able to control yourself more efficiently.

Consult with your physician. If you are feeling out of shape or you’ve experienced trauma before, ask your doctor about the whole idea.

At the start

3Don’t forget to warm up. Warm up slowly raises your heart rate and amplifies the drives more blood to your muscles, which will reduce the stress on your heart during the run. It is also important to cool down after your workout, so just walk in the slow pace for five minutes or so after you done.

Start gradually. To avoid injury, don’t push yourself too far your first times. Try alternating between running and walking to feel more comfortable, and each next time reduce the time of walking

2Don’t worry too much about your pace. It’s not a marathon, don’t rush. You should be able to breathe easily, to the point of being able to hold a conversation with someone without too much gasping.

Maintain a proper body form. Keep your hands on the level of your waist, your posture should be straight, head up.

1Breathe. Breathe through your nose and through your mouth to get enough oxygen for your muscles. Deep belly breaths will help you with the pain on your side, which is a common problem among novices.

Keep your motivation

circuit-running-jogging-1280x800-wallpaper_www.wallpaperwa.com_9Set yourself a goal. Either you want to get ready for a charity marathon or just want to run a number of miles, if you have a goal in front of you, it is much easier to stick to your habit.

Keep a diary. Write down your stats to keep a close look at your improvements. Nothing will motivate you better, then see the progress you’ve made.

9043aac1303c1081c40fec924d92a670Run with a friend. Preferably the same level as you are. You’ll encourage each other and maybe even add a bit of competitiveness to the workout.

Change your ways. Running the same route day after day might become too boring. Add some variety by changing your path, maybe even explore the part of the city you’ve never been at.