Top 10 Most Exciting New Tech Products To Launch In 2017

We are living in the age of the great technological advancement. Twenty or even ten years ago, people couldn’t imagine owing the things we use today in our everyday life. So, let’s examine the new innovative gadgets, that companies have in store for us, that will presumably come out in 2017. Be in trend with Jiji!

Samsung A3, A5 and A7 (2017)

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Let’s start with something, that will already come out this month. The models of A line of Samsung smartphones have usually been more budget variants of their S counterparts, but this time their filling seems more like something from the flagship stuff. Among their new features is water and dust-proof always-active screen, USB Type-C, microSD-slot, supporting up to 256 Gb cards, great main and frontal (up to 16 Megapixels, depending on the model) cameras with a Light+ sensor, that helps to focus in the dark.

Samsung Galaxy S8


This new flagship is planned to come out in spring of 2017, and if Samsung’s more budget models have such a great specs, just imagine the filling of this one. The most intriguing innovation of this smartphone is a new digital assistant, powered by Viv, the AI startup, that Samsung has bought at the end of last year.


Another thing, that is being developed by the producer’s team is foldable phones. Although the rumors for such model have been around for years, Samsung only recently has filed a patent for such a piece of tech.

HTC One X10

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One of the main competitors for Samsung on the market of the Android phones, HTC are launching their new flagman in the first quarter of 2017. According to rumors, it will be a 5.5’’ smartphone with eight-core processing unit MediaTek MT6755V/C and 16 Megapixel main and 7.9 Megapixel frontal cameras. HTC is also rumored to release two more new phones, but no details on them are available.


The company is read to upgrade almost the whole line of its products. Let’s start with iPhone 8, that is rumored to be much more innovative, than its predecessor. It is said to have all-glass design – no home button, an OLED-display, and built-in augmented reality features. 2017 will mark the iPhone’s tenth birthday, so it is highly probable, that Apple will try to do something special for the occasion.

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New iMac is also should be on the way, although no solid reports on the timing of the launch have been made. But it has been mentioned, that Apple is considering to add the USB Type-C port these products, so it makes sense to wait for a more massive upgrade.


iPad models are expected to have some refreshment in the spring of 2017. The update will focus on the Pro line, with improvements to the Apple’s stylus, Apple Pencil, and new screen sizes.

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Microsoft Surface Phone


According to some reports, Microsoft is working on some “ultimate mobile device”. After their Surface series of laptops, PCs, and tablets, the only thing, that’s missing, is a smartphone. It is rumored, that it will have a water cooling system and will be able to transform into almost a full-fledged PC with Windows 10 on it with the help of doc station, external keyboard, and mouse.


Android Wear 2.0 Smart Watches



Google has updated the version of Android for smart watches, so it’s obvious, that we should wait for new devices this year. Android Wear 2.0 extends the connection between the device and the watch and allows to run apps via Bluetooth, cellular connection, or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, even iPhone users will be able to use this watches for their phones.

HTC Vive 2


VR technology is a fast-developing field, and HTC is one of the main players on the field. Their Vive system is one of the most comfortable, and they are planning to make it even better by making the headset wireless. This will make the experience even more engaging and fun.


Sony Audio Systems


On this year’s CES 2017 Sony has introduced a lot of audio products: compact sound bars, wireless speakers, and headphones, that make their accent on bass and noise suppression, and a new premium Walkman.