Top 3 Tools To Improve Your Business Process Management

Though your business might go smooth while providing you with a regular monthly profit, deep inside you might feel that things could go better. It happens almost all the time and in whichever company that the projects deadlines get postponed, the meetings turn into a complete waste of time, and all of this could be prevented if you knew what had to be changed regarding your business processes at your organization. That’s why organizations willing to enhance their internal operations and customer-facing processes need to consider fostering a BPM approach in order to optimize key business processes and therefore drive more profit from their business.

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#1 – Automate Your Business

The time when business process automation was a perk of large enterprises has long gone away. If you want to remain successful in the today’s ever-changing business environment, having a business process management software in your company is a necessity. Just imagine that such monotonous and time-consuming things as preparing marketing campaigns, sending bulk emails, managing your relationships with the customers and getting the 360-degree customer profile can be automated.

BPM automation

The benefits you get from using BPM systems are:

  • much simplified data gathering about leads and current customers, as well as state-of-the-art tools for customer retention;
  • synchronization and integration with MS Exchange, Google, Social Media Networks as well as any other 3rd-party application;
  • document flow automation, so all the manual paperwork is reduced to the minimum;
  • customers segmentation for creating well-targeted marketing campaigns for the appropriate audiences;
  • system availability on any kind of device to help you keep track of key business operations 24/7.

Experts state that though implementing a BPM solution is costly for companies, in the long run it will only help cut costs and increase business efficiency.

#2 – Update and Innovate

As a businessperson, before making any movement, you set targets and create plans to achieve them. If at the moment they seem unreachable, then you must be doing something wrong. Analyze the tools and instruments you are currently using and switch to a completely innovative approach.

BPM innovation

For instance, it could be an business process mnagement software like bpm’online, which can help you easily create marketing campaigns, segment your customers, send bulk emails to the appropriate audiences and enable better customer engagement at your organization. To increase your brand awareness, it is important to organize events that would spread the word about your business activity attracting more potential customers.

#3 – Psychological Approach

The last but not least is the tool, which regards to the people’s relationships and the way your personnel communicates.

BPM people talking at the round table

So, it is important to leverage instruments to help you increase the productivity of your staff. They are:

  • Encourage your employees to communicate more. It is very important that each of your employees stay abreast of all the running processes within organization, whether it would be new changes, updates or configurations. A good tool to enable better data sharing is an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) tool, which allows its users to keep a track of latest deals, projects or even contacts, as well as comment and put likes/dislikes. Just like on Facebook!
  • Choose a system with a user-friendly interface. When picking up any kind of device for your own use, you think of convenience from working with it first of all. The same thing regards to the system your employees will use, especially its interface. It should be customizable, easy to use, and pleasant to look at. It should ease the process of finding necessary data in the system, reduce the time spent for handling the main business processes, while increasing the operational efficiency.
  • Introduce a ‘single-tasking’ game in your company. Multitasking doesn’t always lead to a higher productivity. On the contrary, it causes less concentration on one task and, consequently, more time spent to complete each of them. It is not required for a human to do several things simultaneously, which is completely on the contrary to the BPM system that can handle lots of business processes at the same time. Let the machines help your employees reduce the manual work and enable them to focus on what’s really important.

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