Top 5 Free Anti-Virus Programs

We all know about the dangers of modern malware, but many computer users still ignore the importance of anti-virus protection, hoping that their PC will never get infected. However, without anti-virus software, you risk losing your personal and financial data, work files, and completely stop your computer from working. Sure, there are expensive anti-virus programs not everyone can afford, but here are 5 free anti-virus tools that deliver the same great results.

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Available for: Windows, Mac

Avast has an over 99% protection rate, which means your computer will be secured against all kinds of threats. Unlike many anti-viruses, Avast doesn’t consume too much of your PC’s resources, so if you have an older machine and are worried about an anti-virus program slowing down the computer’s performance, Avast may be your best choice. Another advantage of using Avast is the clear interface that allows you to easily install and use the app.


Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Available for: Windows

Lavasoft Ad-Aware is free anti-virus software that focuses on protecting its users against adware and spyware, which are the most threatening thing for our computers. Lavasoft is a rather power-consuming program, so it’s recommended for owners of newer PCs and laptops. There is a perfectly capable version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware, but the paid version will give you dozens of other desirable features for maximum protection.


Trend Micro HouseCall

Available for: Windows, Mac

Trend Micro HouseCall is a different type of anti-virus software, since it works on demand. Whenever you think your computer may have been infected by a virus, you can run this app to find out whether it’s true. Of course, you won’t get constant real-time protection or scheduled checks from Trend Micro HouseCall, but if you need an emergency tool for rare occasions, this software is one of the best options.


Panda Free Anti-Virus

Available for: Windows

Panda is a sensible choice for people who are looking for a lightweight and functional anti-virus program. Panda uploads most of its data to a cloud, which relieves the stress from your computer and allows it to run faster. The usability of the app is exceptional as well, which means you’ll never get confused by the user interface. There is also a paid version of Panda that you can upgrade to right from the program menu.



Available for: Windows, Mac

Avira is known in the digital community for delivering consistent and remarkable performance – there is an over 99.9% protection rate, which is a pretty good result for free software. You can easily set up a scanning schedule to get an even more secure computer experience. With excellent real-time protection and an easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder that Avira is one of the most popular anti-virus programs in the market.


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