Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions And How To Stick With Them

The New 2017 Year has just started, so it’s the time to start a new life or try to change something for better in this one through New Year’s resolutions – challenges and promises you make for yourself. The problem with them is that you are starting to forget about them after a week or two. So, here’s top most popular New Year’s resolutions and a few bits of advice on how to hold on to them. Be your best self with Jiji!

1. Get in shape


Losing weight or trying to get fit is pretty hard, but it’s the thing most of us think we need to achieve. Combined with different variations, like starting to exercise or eating less, this resolution is probably the most popular one. What you want to do is you need to remember, that results of your work won’t come that fast. Don’t rush, start with small things and be patient. Keep a track of your results weekly, not daily. Get yourself some workout equipment to home so it will constantly remind you of your goal.


2. Stop procrastinating


This problem affects the best of us. One of the important things to understand to beat this habit is that the hardest thing to do is to start the task. To help yourself with that, try the “2-minutes rule”. If something takes less time to do than two minutes, do it right now. It might sound simple and stupid, but this way of thinking really helps in starting any challenging task, because a lot of them you can break down into simple two-minute processes.



3. Become more active


In our digital world, sometimes people spend whole days and weeks in front of the computer, that’s why they want to bring some more activity into their lives. If you are one of those people, remember, that such an inactive lifestyle is not so good for your health, this will add some motivation for your actions. Also, try involving your friends and family. This way the activity will be more fun and you will have someone to help to restrain yourself from bailing out.

4. Become more self-confident

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Self-confidence is a very important thing, which affects your life in major ways. If you’re lacking in this department the best thing you can do is to try to knowingly get out of your comfort zone. Don’t talk yourself out of things you are afraid to do, communicate more and meet new people, challenge yourself and give yourself credit for what you do. Don’t overthink your actions too much, just be yourself and don’t try to please everyone.

5. Earn more money


Everyone could use some additional income, it certainly makes one’s life more pleasant and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to find a source for it – look for a side job or use an advantage of the Internet and try working as a freelancer. Find the best option for you with Jiji!