Top 8 Secrets Of A Perfect Body

To keep a perfect fit, one must eat less and move more. Even small children know it. But there are other hacks that can help become slimmer. So here are some secrets, which can help you get the body shape of your dreams.

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Set correct goals


To lose x kilos is initially the wrong goal. A beautiful body is not just a number on the weights. The right goal is to decrease the amount of fat in your body and to increase the number of muscles. The right nutrition and regular training will help you with that.

Follow the “1/1/4” rule


In the most general proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, they should be equal to 1/1/4, which means 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kilogram of your weight. The main thing is that all nutritional substances should come to your body daily. So forget about mono-diets. One more important thing is the water-intake regime. Every kilogram of your weight accounts for 30 ml of water daily.

Take pictures of yourself in full length regularly


If you are serious about reconsidering your habits and you plan to get a new body shape until summer, then take photos. And do it every week. The scientists have proved that people who keep up with the diet and take photos of their body changing possess the higher motivation to not give up on a half-way.

Lower the light before having dinner


Are you afraid of eating too much? Then lower the light and put a low music on. With soft lighting, the lovers to eat much, eat less.

Keep a diary


No, I mustn’t write down everything about your training and your every meal intake. Just write about everything your soul hurts about. Research has shown that women who spent 15 minutes a day to write down about all the negative events and feelings, lost 1,5 kilos in 3 months. And it’s not surprising, as having described the difficulties, they could get rid of stress, so they didn’t have to comfort eat.

Choose the right music while training


The effectiveness of your training is directly dependent on what you are listening to while working out. It has been proved that a more energetic music makes us move more, therefore burning more calories. The best music is considered that one of 120-140 beats per minute. It helps us switch off from fatigue and improve your endurance by 15%.

Don’t train for longer than 45 minutes


The main delusion of every fitness newcomer is ‘the more you train, the sooner you’ll get the results’. Forget about it! Research has shown that after 45-50 minutes of power exercises, the level of cortisol, the hormone of stress, starts rising up. Cortisol ruins muscles, besides, its permanent high level slows down the metabolism and contributes to obesity.

Take fish-oil


Fish-oil is very useful for the organism. Research carried out in Japan, has shown that this product doesn’t only prevents from inflammation and cardiac illnesses, but starts the process of fat breakdown. Fish-oil is especially effective for losing weight if combined with physical exercises.

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