Top The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees In The World

Just a century ago, a Christmas tree was just a usual holiday decoration, a piece of tradition, and a special item the celebrations couldn’t begin without. Today, it has transformed into an object of designers’ creativity. So what special looks can the evergreen beauty boast of this year?

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Lego Xmas Tree, Australia


It has been proven a million times that one can build literally anything with lego. And this time it is a 450 000 bricks full and 3500 kilograms heavy Christmas tree, which was under construction for more than 1200 hours. It was built by a no less interesting man, Ryan McNaught who is one of only 14 lego certified professionals in the world.

Most Illuminated Xmas Tree, Japan


550 00 lights decorating the Japanese Christmas tree have beaten the record and were mentioned in the Guinness book as the “Most lights on an artificial Xmas tree”. Moreover, it is the 6th time that the country of the rising sun gets the title of being the owner of the most lit Christmas tree.

Floating Xmas Tree, Brazil


If there is no place to put the evergreen beauty on the ground, then send it to the free flotation. The Brazilians were the ones to come up with the idea of setting the 279-foot high mammoth tree on a barge of the South American lagoon.

Paper Xmas Tree, France


If you got too much unnecessary paper, send it to recycling service so they could contribute to creating the white Christmas beauty. This time it is an ever-green, or better to say, ever-white Christmas tree in the middle of Paris. It was located in the biggest department store and is 43 meters up. Cool!

Murano Xmas Tree, Italy


Another suitable material one can make an original Christmas tree of is glass. In Venice, it is already a tradition to make the Natale di Vientro or Christmas in Glass every year. It is original and strong, not easy to shatter, though is completely made of Murano glass.

Jbeil Christmas tree, Lebanon


With only 40% of the Christian population, this nation has managed to enter our list of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. This time, the evergreen represents an architectural masterpiece made of the tricky rocks hidden in the port’s waters and amazing skills of the local people.

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