Trends 2017: The Main Color Of The Year – Green

Pantone, the world-renowned authority for anything that has to do with color, has been setting trends for years by announcing the color of the year. The colors named by Pantone as the shade of the year can be seen everywhere: on the runway, in fashion magazines, in home decor, etc. In December 2016 Pantone has announced the main color for 2017: green. Branded as a “nature’s neutral”, this bright, yellow-green hue is already one of the leading fashion trends of the year. Find out how to incorporate green into the 2017 fashion.

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What is greenery by Pantone?

In the highly anticipated announcement of Pantone colors of the year 2017, the company not only named green as the top shade for the year, but also explained its choice to the audience. As everyone knows, the 2016 wasn’t the easiest and happiest year for the whole planet, but, despite everything negative that has happened throughout the year, people still haven’t lost hope for the better. That’s exactly what Pantone’s green color symbolizes. This rejuvenating and revitalizing hue is going to help us all reconnect with nature and find inner peace, which, in turn, will lead to positive changes in the social, economic, political, and cultural environment.


Greenery in fashion

As always, fashion has predicted the trends long before they were announced – the green color could be seen all over the runway during the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion weeks months before Pantone released its “color of the year” news. Renowned designers and fashion brands, from Kenzo to Balenciaga, have included this lively shade into their fashion lines.


As the “greenery” shade is the closest one to nature in today’s fashion, the main theme of your green outfits should be nature. That is why the most popular way to wear green in 2017 will be pairing it with natural motives: floral patterns, scenes from nature, or even animal patterns and color schemes.


However, this shade can be rather hard to pull off. Depending on your own coloring, you can either choose outfits where green is the dominating color, or opt for green statement pieces and accessories to complete your look. The trendiest green accessories of 2017 are bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, or even makeup.