What Will Happen If You Replace All Drinks With Water?

You, me and everyone around understands how much it is important to drink enough water every day. We also understand that replacing coffee and alcohol with water is very useful for our bodies and health. But what will happen if we replace ANY kind of drinks with water? Let’s find out!

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#You get a chance to lose weight faster


To lose half a kilo for just 9 days, drink water instead of all other drinks you usually consume. You also get a chance to lose the same quantity of calories during the same 9 days of running for 8 kilometers.

#You will speed up your metabolism


When you drink water on an empty belly, it turns on your digestion. Just 0,5 liter of water in the morning can boost your metabolism up to 24%.

#Your brain activity will improve


Our brain consists of water for 75-85%. That’s why keeping your brain hydrated, you provide it with the fuel necessary for the better concentration.

#You will eat less


Water is capable of suppressing appetite, which is going to help with your weight loss.

#Water helps in detoxification


Water helps to naturally get rid of all toxins and decay products protecting your organism from early aging.

#Decreased the risk of many illnesses


Water is a great aid in reducing risks of diseases. Hypertonia, urinary diseases, and even stomach cancer are no longer a danger.

#Your heart will work better


If there is a lack of water in the organism, the blood becomes denser, so it is harder for your heart to pump it. The risk of clots appearance increases. Just 5 cups of water a day can decrease the risk of heart attack by 41%.

#Softer skin and cleaner pores


Water is capable of cleansing and hydrating your skin from the inside, so soon you will see your skin much softer and more healthy-looking.

#You will save much money


Coffee, tea, beer, wine – the cost of it all is much higher than for the water. So the chances are to save much money while taking care of your health.

Become healthier with Jiji

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