How Will The US Visa Ban Affect Nigerians?

Just a week after being sworn in as the new President of the United States, Donald Trump has started to fulfill his promises that helped him get elected. One of his most discussed actions of the week was the signing of a bill that prevents citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African countries from entering the United States. Find out how this bill reflects on Nigerians!

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The bill is believed to start a mechanism denying visas to citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and four other countries. The news received a very negative reaction in the US and around the world, sparking hundreds of protest against the restrictions and in support of the Muslims, who often come to the country as refugees. Even visitors who have been issues visas in the past are not immune to the ban. Many famous people, including Mark Zuckerberg, also voiced their concerns over the new policies.


The new bill can affect Nigerians in two primary ways. The first group of Nigerian citizens who will feel the negative consequences are those who have a dual citizenship and their other passport has been issued by one of the seven countries listed in the bill. However, that group is relatively small. The second way the Executive Order will affect Nigerians is the reciprocation clause, which will allow the US to issue one-year visas instead of two-year ones because of the fact that Nigeria only issues one-year visas to Americans. The price of issuing the visa will change as well – currently the US charges Nigerians $160 for a visa, while a Nigerian visa for US citizens costs $180 plus a $35 processing fee.