10 Ways How To Get A Job

Whether you’re fresh out of the University or are already working somewhere you feel unhappy, finding a good job is probably one of your top priorities. Thousands of skilled employees wonder how to find a good job, but not all of them will land their dream position in the end. Check out 10 ways to get a job fast and use them to your advantage!

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1. Focus your search

If you’ve been wondering how to get a good job for quite some time, you may think that sending out resumes and cover letters to every company in your city is a great idea. However, carefully choosing job offers and finding the ones that perfectly match your skills and expectations is a much more fruitful strategy.


2. Choose the right time

Unless you need a job urgently, try to start your job search when the time is right. HR specialists believe that the best time to look for a new position is the beginning of the year and early autumn. During this time you’ll have less competition and more attractive job opportunities to choose from.

3. Use referrals

Referrals can be used in the job seeking process in a number of ways. First, your friends or former coworkers who now work at your dream company can recommend hiring you to their employer. Second, you can participate in the referral program that currently works at many companies: your friend gets an incentive for referring you to the company, which is a win-win situation for everyone.


4. Constantly apply for jobs

One of the common mistakes job seekers make is stopping their search after one good job interview, hoping that they’ve landed the position. However, often someone else gets the offer, and you end up wasting valuable time. Don’t stop sending out your resume until you get an official job offer and decide to accept it.

5. Highlight your accomplishments

When working on your resume, don’t just list the companies you’ve worked for and your position: include the information on what you’ve achieved in the workplace. In order to get the job you need to operate with numbers. For example, state how big was the increase in sales since you’ve joined the sales department. Make your stats look impressive and you’ll find a great job in no time!


6. Consider an internship

If you lack experience or want to switch professions, internship is a great way to test the waters, find the necessary connections, decide if you want to work there, and, finally, get a better job. Internships are often unpaid or poorly paid, but if you have some money saved, interning for a month or two is exactly what you need.

7. Use social media

As soon as you want to find good jobs, make a post in your Facebook account stating your expectations and qualifications, asking your friends to share the post. You can maximize your chances of landing the job by adding people from your industry on Facebook and LinkedIn and maintaining a connection with them – they can be instrumental in your employment.


8. Don’t forget the cover letter

Although having a remarkable resume is essential for getting your dream position, writing a custom cover letter every time you apply for a job is equally important. Carefully read the requirements for the position and tailor your cover letter to match those requirements. Try to state your value to the company in the first paragraph to maximize your chances of getting employed.

9. Take care of your online presence

It’s no surprise for modern job seekers that employers want to know everything about their prospective employee, which is why it’s a common practice to check a candidate’s social media profiles. Make sure yours are ready to be checked and there is no evidence of you drinking, swearing, speaking badly about former employers, or sharing inappropriate information.


10. Get ready for the interview

In the best case scenario, your job application will get you to a job interview, where your objective is to make a perfect first impression. Not only do you have to make a case for your accomplishments, skills and qualifications, but you also need to be dressed right for the job: for example, a nice suit in case you’re applying for a position in management, or a trendy outfit for a job in media or fashion.