12 Apps To Save You Money

The importance of saving money is clear to anyone who’s ever tried to make a living. Saving money helps us achieve our goals, make big purchases, travel, and do whatever we want to. If you’re wondering how to save money, you’ll be surprised to know that your mobile phone can be an essential money saving instrument. Find out which 15 money saving programs for Android and iPhone you should definitely check out!

Save money with Jiji

1. Goodbudget

If you’ve ever tried to save cash as a group – for example, with your spouse while planning a vacation – this is the best app you can get. It allows you to add as many people as you like to your money saving group and work together for one goal.


2. ATM Hunter

This is a life saving app for people who often travel to unknown parts of the town or other cities and struggle to find a working ATM that accepts their credit cards and doesn’t charge too much for withdrawing cash. ATM Hunter will conveniently display the best options near you on a map.


3. Mint

When it comes to a budget app, nothing works better than Mint. It helps you track your financial status based on your earnings and spendings. You can instantly know your problem areas, or areas where you spend too much, which helps you take better care of your finances.


4. Wi-Fi Finder

With the prices for mobile internet going up every year, free Wi-Fi becomes the best solution for smartphone users who wonder how to save money. Wi-Fi Finder locates the nearest free networks, so you can just go there, connect, and stay online.


5. PocketGuard

In a way, PocketGuard is similar to Mint – it gathers data from your bank accounts and presents your income and spendings in various spreadsheets and graphs. PocketGuard has one significant advantage of making the financial terms and processes easy to understand for everyone.


6. Ibotta

If you have a couple of minutes every day, you can spend them while making a bit of cash. Ibotta lets you complete simple tasks like watching a video or sharing a Facebook post, transferring some money, which can later be spent on online shopping, into your account for every completed task.


7. Hotel Tonight

If you often travel, you know that accommodations are often the biggest travel expense. Hotel Tonight lets you book a hotel room only a week before your trip, allowing you to choose the most money-saving options to stay the night.


8. Meter Readings

Take your bills under control with Meter Readings. This app lets you analyze how much you spend on gas, electricity, internet, and other conveniences, while also giving you other options to choose from by presenting other service providers in your area.


9. Level Money

Find out how much free cash you have for a day with Level Money. Level Money connects to your bank account and analyzes your regular expenses to calculate what your average spending for a day should be, so you’ll never spend more than you can afford to.


10. Idealo

The smartest thing to do while shopping is to compare prices before paying your hard earned money. Idealo allows you to compare offers from both online and offline stores, so that you could always make a smart choice and not lose any money.


11. Unsplurge

If you’re determined to save money for something big and need something to motivate you, use Unsplurge. Specify what you’re saving for, the necessary amount of money, and add a photo. Now Unsplurge will show how much is left until your goal and be a constant reminder of your dream.


12. Digit

Like many money-saving apps, Digit works directly with your bank accounts. However, instead of presenting the information only in app form, Digit sends you one text message a day, reminding you of what’s going on with your finances.