13 Efficient Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

What is communication? This is one of the most fundamental skills used to develop successful relationships with people, and succeed in school and in work.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you develop communication skills.


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1. Maintain eye contact


Whether you listen or talk, look into your partner’s eye in order to achieve successful interaction. Eye contact allows you to express your interest and makes your partner feel the same.

Here are some comunication tips to do this: First look into one eye, and then move the direction of your look to the other. Such back and forth movements will make your eyes sparkle.

2. Use facial expressions and gestures

face gestures

Make your whole body “speak”. When talking to one person use smaller gestures than with a large audience.

3. Avoid conflicting signals


Make sure that your words, facial expressions, gestures and pitch of voice match the mood and tone of what you are saying – this is your perfect recipe to effective communication. For example, if you are scolding someone and smiling broadly at the same time, your words will not be adequately perceived.

4. Do not forget about body language

bidy lang

Verbal and nonverbal communication complement one another in achieving your goal.

Our body can express more than spoken words during a conversation. For example, an open posture with arms lowered along the body will enable others to understand that you are fully open for communication, while your raised shoulders and crossed arms will inform others that you are not up to talking at the moment.

5. Demonstrate your positive attitude


Try to be an honest, sincere, patient, positive-minded person who is always open to new contacts. Do not forget about the feelings of other people, do not question their abilities.

6. Learn to listen


What is effective communication without listening skills? It’s a big zero, a worthless monologue!

Do not miss any words addressed to you thinking only about what interests you.

7. Articulate properly


Your speech should be distinct, expressive and completely devoid of mutterings. If people often ask you to say something again – it means you should work harder on your diction!

8. Pronounce words correctly

business black man pointing his mouth

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of the word or the correct accent, simply do not use it. Otherwise, you’ll spoil your reputation.

9. Use words correctly


Do not try to use words the meaning of which you do not quite understand. Meanwhile, expand your vocabulary.

10. Talk at an adequate pace


If you talk too fast swallowing word endings, you can be perceived as an unbalanced and insecure person.

11. Develop the right pitch


High-pitched or whiny voice will not give you any credit. If you want to improve comunication skills – do special exercises to lower the pitch of your voice. After a while you will see how your voice starts to change.

12. Make your voice expressive


Avoid a monotonous voice and add some energy to your talking. Your voice should rise and fall alternatively.

13. Control the volume


If you are in a small room, talk in a lower voice and while speaking in front of a large audience – speak louder.

Here are some more useful tips for improving your communication skills:

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Who needs actions when you got words?))

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