5 Easy-To-Learn Languages If You Know English

It is becoming increasingly important to know English nowadays. It is a universal language, the language of business communications and global interactions. But, the proverb says “As many languages you know, as many times you are a man”. Until this day you thought it was difficult to learn foreign languages, so we are going to reveal the truth about the languages, which are easy to learn if you know English.

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1. French


It is believed that in English there are more than 10,000 borrowed French words. Although the French themselves rarely borrow words from other languages, in 1972, in the country even whole terminology Commission was created, which approved or prohibited the introduction of foreign words into practice. French is almost indispensable if you want to go to Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, the African continent and, of course, France.

2. Italian


Knowledge of the language of the great Giovanni Boccaccio and Dante Alighieri, Federico Fellini and Mario Puzo will undoubtedly expand your overall vision to the world and the geography of your future traveling. Italian musical terms are common in many languages of the world. Not to mention the cooking – pasta, pizza, latte, cappuccino, mozzarella and other, which makes it easier to learn not only for English connoisseurs.

3. Spanish


Another representative of the Roman group of languages is a very bright, colorful and lively language. It is spoken in North and South America, Africa, and even in some Asian countries. In schools, Americans learn Spanish as a second language. If you know English, you can understand more than 3000 words borrowed from it that are used in various fields.

4. Portuguese


The fifth most common language in the world is very similar to Spanish, although it has a number of contradictions with its relative: we are talking about the same words that have a completely different meaning. Roughly speaking, in one country it can be a compliment to the person while in the other one it will likely to offend him by a chance. Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote”, called Portuguese “the sweet language”, and it is no coincidence – just hear it and taste the beauty of sound.

5. Afrikaans


Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa and Namibia, the vocabulary of which is formed by the Dutch mixed with the French. The scope of its use is quite narrow, but by studying this simple language, you can show off with the knowledge to the local population of Namibia and understand the cultural characteristics of the South African continent.

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