5 Heaven Islands That Are Ready To Host You

Are you fond of traveling? Would you like to spend a couple of years in a little paradise walking under palm trees along sandy beaches? What if we tell you there’s such possibility? Moreover, these beautiful islands have gotten much to offer you if you decide to move there.

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#1: Easdale, Scotland

This is a charming island located not far from the west coast of Scotland. In the XIX century, the slate was actively quarried here. But during the hurricane season in the Atlantic, most of the quarry was flooded. Today, the island’s population is not more than 60 people. They organized a social movement for the restoration of life on the island and are inviting everyone to become a part of it. Watch the video below to get familiar with the island’s beauty.

Easdale – A Wild Community

This video, created by Patrick Rowan, depicts the small, inner Hebridean, car-free, island of Easdale showing its strong sense of community and stunning scenery. http://www.seafari.co.uk/oban/

#2: Cape Breton, Canada


The Canadian island, which is situated to the northeast of the peninsula of Nova Scotia has got a lot of land and jobs, but no people. Local farmers offer two acres of land and permanent jobs to those willing to live on the island for at least 5 years. Simple and quiet life of union with amazing natural beauty is also guaranteed.

#3: Pitcairn, UK


The Pitcairn Islands are the only UK overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean. Despite the mild subtropical climate, year-round sunshine, palm trees and wild beaches, the local population is not more than 50 people. Pitcairn authorities offer free land to all immigrants, provided that they are willing to do something useful for the development of the island, and build a house, as there are no housing and there are no jobs here.

#4: South Island, New Zealand


In a small town in the South Island Kaitangata, there are only 800 people living. Only two of them are unemployed and there are nearly 1000 positions open. There are a lot of land and farms, which are engaged in sheep and dairy farming. But the manpower is something they catastrophically lack. Therefore, the city authorities are ready to assist immigrants in obtaining work visas and buying a home for them.

#5: Hawaiian Islands, USA


Hawaii Islands do not need an introduction. But who would have thought that this paradise could be lacking people as well, in particular, highly qualified specialists in the sphere of education. Local teachers are constantly lured to the mainland, as a result, the staff turnover reflects badly on the quality of education. Therefore, the Hawaii Department of Education is in the constant search for good specialists and offer decent wages to all who are willing to devote themselves to work in the local schools.

Travel the world with Jiji