5 Industries In Nigeria With Serious Skills Shortages

Various sectors of the economy are developing at different pace nowadays and there are several reasons accountable for that. One of them is the lack of specialists with adequate professional skills. Many countries are facing this problem, and Nigeria is no exception.

In this analysis, we will look at what sectors of the economy in Nigeria today have problems with qualified staff and what specific reasons are accountable for that.


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Oil & Gas industry

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This sector of Nigerian economy is desperately searching for skilled professionals. The main challenge that companies are facing is the inadequacy of employability skills of the available workforce.

This is a deeply-rooted problem since Nigerian universities and other educational facilities do not really offer proper training in this important sphere. Nor does the government support and finance it sufficiently.

Information Communications Technology


Since Information Communications Technology (ICT) was adopted by organizations, companies and government, Nigeria has experienced a huge lack professionals with proper job skills needed for adequate development of the infrastructure in this sphere.

This shortage could obviously become an obstacle to the sector’s contribution to economic welfare. Experts explain this gap by the absence of proper training and high-tech equipment in educational facilities, obsolete curriculums, and ignorance of the recent ICT trends.

The ICT industry will need about 300, 000 skilled specialists in the following five years in order to meet the National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan (2013-2043).

The most needed are software development and programming professionals, computer security and systems network specialists, system support operators, business analysts, web and mobile app developers.



There are different means for providing the construction industry with the skilled workforce:

  • Adequate training for new-comers into the industry;
  • Offering premium quality training for partly skilled workforce;
  • Attracting specialists from other regions;
  • Updating the skills of the persons already engaged in the industry.

Customer care

Customer care

Nigeria is worried about the shortage of workforce and professionalism in the sphere of information and communication technology. The common reasons are insufficient and inadequate training of the manpower to deal with customer service with help of modern technology both in Nigeria and in the entire West African region.

Financial sector

Financial sector

The vast majority of big companies require trained professionals with adequate work skills in financial services sphere.

The following financial skills are in high demand: money laundering prevention, risk assessing and management and investment advising.

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