5 Tips For Getting A Job Having No Experience

“How to get a job having no experience?” is a question we all have to answer in the beginning of our careers. It doesn’t matter what kind of education you have or where you come from, as the struggle of getting a job having no experience is familiar to everyone. If you’re getting desperate, but still can’t find jobs without experience, check out our tips and finally land your dream position!

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1. Build your network

While looking for your new job online or in newspapers is an effective way of securing a position, the best job opportunities often come from your extended network. This is especially true if you’re searching for jobs without experience, which are famously tough to get. Find out who the leading professionals in your industry are and try to befriend them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Look at their list of contacts to find even more competent specialists who can be very helpful in your job search.


2. Determine your strengths

When you don’t have an extensive work experience to feature in your resume, the key section of the CV becomes the one where you list your skills and achievements. Remember what you’ve excelled at while in school or college – perhaps, you ran a school newspaper or had other valuable responsibilities. Then identify your best personal and professional skills – you can ask your friends or classmates to help you name those qualities.


3. Find the right industry

If you still haven’t decided what exactly you want to do, and if your degree allows you to pick a job in a number of industries, start with the one that is the friendliest towards people with zero work experience. Traditionally, the best industries for a first job are hospitality, sales, advertising and marketing, retail, and food service. The healthcare industry is also often understaffed and looking for new employees even without experience, although medical jobs are not for everyone.


4. Consider an internship

Unpaid internships are a very common practice in large companies. When done right, an internship can benefit both the employer and the employee. The employer gets to have a young and eager to please specialist in their staff without any expenses, while you as an intern can get that coveted job experience. Moreover, an internship is the best way to expand your contact network and secure a paid position with the relevant experience already in your resume.


5. Seize the opportunity

If there is one thing you need to keep in mind while wondering: “How to get a job while having no work experience?” is that there are hundreds of thousands of young people in the same position as you are, and the competition is very high. That is why you can’t afford a single opportunity to go away. If you come across a job ad for your dream place, but you don’t have any experience to offer to the employer, send your resume anyway, but don’t forget to attach a cover letter specifying why you’re the best possible candidate for the position. Do whatever it takes to land an interview, and use the interview to further convince your future employer that there is no one better than you.