7 Ways To Cope With Stress At Work

stresssymptomsPeople often push themselves too hard, while doing their job. They want to be good at their respective field, and who can really blame them? But physical and psychological consequences of this workaholic behavior can be immensely bad. Depression and other psychosomatic disorders are an often outcome of the work-related stress, so try to minimize it with a help of this advices. Stay healthy with Jiji!


Even if you are not able to get away from your desk for a long time, you still can use some relaxation techniques to relieve your stress (at least, partly). Try deep breathing techniques from yoga, do some exercises, stretch or just get a plant for your eyes to rest on from time to time.

2.Take regular breaks

You may want to do your job faster and skip your breaks to do that, but it wouldn’t be such a great idea. Studies have shown, that taking multiple breaks during your work day is actually a much more efficient way to accomplish your goal, as they increase your productivity and keep your stress levels much lower.

3.Find your stressorblackmenstress2

Sometimes, there is a particular reason for your stress. It could be a coworker, that you don’t like, or your boss, that pushes you too hard, or you just have too much tasks on your hands. Try cutting off these stressors or just try to respond to them in calmer way.

4.Create a relaxing environment in your houserelax-house

Office workspaces usually have pretty bleak atmosphere. Distract yourself from your working surroundings and forget about all the troubles, fears and tensions. Make sure, that no one bothers you (even a family member) and focus on recreation.

5.Reduce your activity outside of work

If you’re having too much stress at work, your hobbies and additional responsibilities might drain you too much. Make things a little easier for yourself, take a break from your hobby and ask someone for help with other tasks. But don’t reduce it to zero, as some kinds of activity would really help you in reducing levels of stress. This especially applies to activities, that involve communication with others.

6.Rely on your friends and familyblackfamily

Friends and family are people you can trust and who will always show their support and care for you. If you’re stressed out, don’t push them away, instead share your struggles. Or even just socialize with them, it will distract you and take your mind off your problems.

7.Talk to your boss

If nothing helps and you feel, that you’re approaching a threshold, talk to your boss. He is the only person, who can help you to make your task less stressful. Good employer will always understand you, just make sure to choose the most appropriate approach for the situation. Or just find an ideal job for you with less amount of stress on Jiji.