Best Tech Innovations To Come In 2017

The world of technology is evolving so fast that if Darwin was alive, he would die again having been shocked by the progress the humans have already achieved. And the year of 2017 is expected to be a special year of new technology inventions appearing one by one. So let’s lift the veil on some latest technology news of the upcoming year.

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Bodyfriend Aventar Massage Chair


This extraordinary chair looks more like a sports car rather than the device that is meant to give you a massage. Based on the measurements of your shoulders, length of your legs, weight, and height, it creates an individual massage program. In case you want to set your own one, you can always tell your chair about your preferences by using a speaker system.

Helia Smart Light Bulbs


These Soraa new-generation LED light bulbs are meant to recreate the natural sunlight. The light is controlled by the sensors rather than WiFi. In the morning, it has more blue light, so your eyes (and brain) don’t get disrupted. And gradually, the light adjusts to the sunlight, becoming more yellowish and bright.

Toyota Concept-i UX


This car of the new generation is equipped with artificial intelligence and haptic tools. This is not only the car that will be able to protect you, but it is your possible new friend who’ll be able to understand your emotions. It is also featured with a digital assistant called Yui that will always greet you with a cheerful “Hello” in the morning and will communicate with you via a 3D dashboard.

LG 55-inch transparent TV


This see-through TV leverages the natural transmittance of OLED displays to create a ghostly screen. Though it is not featured with anything more that would prove its usefulness, still anyone wouldn’t mind having such extraordinary device in their home.

Super-thin LG ‘wallpaper’ TV


Just when you start thinking the TV can’t get any thinner, LG proves you the opposite. The newest LG Signature OLED TV W is only 2.57mm thick and is thinner than the iPhone! Due to its incredible lightness of only 17 pounds, it can be simply attached to the wall magnets. One other special feature of this TV is that the speakers were ‘cut off’ and now come in a separate sound bar.

Polaroid Pop


Welcome back the old good Polaroid camera featured with a bit of digitalization. The new Polaroid Pop features a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD, 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, 1080p video recording, an accompanying editing app and the return of the 3×4″ film. Besides, it can print photos directly from your mobile device, which is a quite versatile and convenient feature.

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